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BrowZine now on iPhones!

BrowZine for iPhone is here!

BrowZine for iPhone is now available, dramatically expanding the ways you can engage with BrowZine to find, read and follow your favorite journals!
With this new release, you have the option to create a BrowZine Account.  If you have BrowZine installed on your iPhone and iPad, you may now “sync” your My Bookshelf contents.  If you add a journal to My Bookshelf or clear a new article notification from your iPad, it will automatically appear on your iPhone.

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Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference

Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference
This resource searches the Data-Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data. Users can search and view charts, maps, and rankings of time series at the country, state, county, MSA, postal code, census-tract/block group level. This product provides summary information as well as detailed line item views.


ENVIROnetBASE provides online  access to more than 130 handbooks in the environmental sciences. Subject areas include: earth science, ecology and ecological economics, environmental modeling and analysis, environmental and ecological risk assessment, environmental health and safety, environmental chemistry and toxicology, environmental engineering, geology, GIS, mapping and remote sensing, landscape ecology, resource management and sustainability, water science – technology and engineering.

New for 2014:

Ecology Letters: most popular articles

Most read Ecology Letters papers July – September 2013


Do Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism?

Rzhetsky A, Bagley SC, Wang K, Lyttle CS, Cook EH Jr, et al. (2014) Environmental and State-Level Regulatory Factors Affect the Incidence of Autism and Intellectual Disability. PLoS Comput Biol 10(3): e1003518.

A large U.S. study suggests environmental pollution might be contributing to autism risk, although the specific culprit toxins remain unknown. Researchers analyzed medical records and found a correlation between U.S. counties’ autism rates and their rates of genital birth defects in boys, which could be a sign of some common environmental contributors.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Gray Wolf Recovery: Delist gray wolf and add Mexican wolf?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to remove the gray wolf (Canis lupus) from the list of threatened and endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The proposal comes not long after the recovery and delisting of the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes states and Northern Rockies as a result of three decades of successful management actions undertaken by federal, state and local partners. However, the Service is also proposing to maintain protection and expand recovery efforts for the Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) in the Southwest, where it remains endangered. The proposal includes the Service’s comprehensive review which determined that the current listing for gray wolf, developed 35 years ago, erroneously included large geographical areas outside the species’ historical range. In addition, the review found that the current gray wolf listing does not reasonably represent the range of the only remaining population of wolves in the lower 48 states and Mexico that requires the protections of the ESA – the Mexican wolf population in the Southwest.